Febbraio 14, 2012

The social media in Italy…

Cosa vale di più, un chilo di patate o 10.000 fan?

Gennaio 14, 2012

One Week In Japan from Mike Matas on Vimeo.

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Settembre 26, 2011

björk: moon (di Björk)

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Settembre 16, 2011



such a cool little video

haha i get so excited during these videos i start crying lollll. super cool.

(Fonte: ordersydney)

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Settembre 11, 2011


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Settembre 10, 2011

BIG CATS vs Laser Pointers

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Settembre 9, 2011


Muito bacana!



Chupa Chups is all about a ‘Life Less Serious’. To emphasize this, we set out to create a huge piece of colorful sidewalk art in the middle of Amsterdam’s business district.

Together with street artist Sasa Ostoja, his dedicated crew and a group of super creative kids, we got all kinds of business folk involved in the creative process. Everyone was on their knees chalking away, contributing to the artwork and making life in the business district less serious. 

This effort was part of our ‘Chupa Stoep Art’ campaign, where we encouraged kids all over The Netherlands to make their own sidewalks less serious, with their own ‘Stoep Art’ (sidewalk art) creations.

Ação bacanérrima da Chupa chups pra levar um pouco de leveza, alegria e bom humor ao centro empresarial de Amsterdam com uma pintura gigantesca super colorida, com participação de um monte de crianças e do artista Sasa Ostoja.

A ideia é fazer a vida ficar menos séria!


Settembre 5, 2011

dark side of the moon in sync with the wizard of oz   O_o

Settembre 5, 2011

goin’in_savoir faire

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